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" An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car and vanished."

Customers Flip Out Over The Automobile Service
They Get At Tony's One-Stop Auto Greenwood

"Coming home I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I haven't got."

Tony's One-Stop Automotive in Seattle - Complete auto repair service center, collision, body, paint shop. Car service with a smile, honest prices, history of satisfied customers.

My heartfelt thanks to a man you can trust

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

1/5/2009 Posted by Magic Mike

You can only give 5 stars but I'm giving Tony ten! After the snow storms of December 2008 my battery and brake light began to flash on and off. I did a search and saw some great reviews for Tony's one-stop auto which was just 15 blocks away. I called him on the phone and told him I really needed the car right away, but I got busy and didn't get there until after 5 PM. I was worried that I did not give him enough time to order the alternator. But he had ordered it brought over already, not knowing if I, a stranger on the phone, was even going to show up.

At first I thought I had the wrong address because I could not find the shop in the rainy dark. The shop footprint on Greenwood Avenue is very small, but when you go in it's like a magic tent with large work areas that expand out to the rear of the block. It was the end of the day and people were coming into do business and I had to wait my turn to talk to him. A guy was arguing with Tony that his friend had been overcharged and the $110 for spark plug wires was a rip off. As busy as Tony was he patiently explained that his buddy's car, an exotic sports car, used special plug wires, that they were over $10 each and that he only charged him the $85 plus tax which was his own cost. He brought out the old ones and showed how bad they were. Everybody waiting in the shop told the buddy who was shouting that Tony was as honest as they come. Meanwhile, the car owner was chilling and told his friend calmed down. They had my car ready to go by 6 PM! But they were getting funny charge readings so they told me to come back the next day.

When I got there calm-mannered Tony was shouting on the phone at a guy at Les Schwab in Everett because he would not accept Tony's credit card. Tony was trying to pay for a flat tire for one of his customers. She had a tiny 15-month-old baby, and had called Tony crying. Because it was not bought at Les Schwab they would not fix it for free and they wanted $15 that she did not have. Tony tried to explain that it was his repair shop's credit card and he wanted to help her out because she had this tiny baby and it was cold, but they refused, saying its their policy not to accept cards over the phone, even if he was an auto service shop. So, Tony called his wife in Marysville and asked her to get down to Everett, in rush-hour traffic, and pay for the woman's tire to be fixed.

As for my car, it seems the wires were shorting out. It was now the end of the day on Friday so I had to leave my car. It seems that mice had chewed on the wires. Tony knew how important it was to me so he came in on Sunday and worked five hours trying to trace the wiring problem.

That's the kind of guy Tony is.

Quality work for reasonable price

12/17/2008 Posted by whlin76

I have a 1993 Honda Accord and Tony did a bunch of repair and maintenance for cheap! He only use quality OEM parts and doesn't cut corners.

Pros: Use only quality OEM parts and charge fair price.


Fantastic work and service!

06/25/2008 Posted by lrlstars4

I was pretty much devastated after recently damaging my new car in a parking lot. I'm so glad I checked out Tony's shop after reading a great review on yahoo from a grad student. Paying for the repairs as a poor college student wasn't easy, but I got a relatively cheap quote from Tony and chose his shop to fix my car. I couldn't be happier with the work, there are no traces of the huge dent or any of the scratches! Although I'm not too familiar with auto body shops, I truly feel that I've received the highest quality work and customer service possible. This was my first time getting body work done so I really appreciated that he took the time to address all my questions and concerns. While I hope I never have to come back for body work, I'll definitely be taking my car to Tony's for any kind of repair it needs in the future. Thanks Tony!!!

Pros: Quality work, great price, friendly and helpful!


We Are Always On The Ball At Tony's One-Stop Auto

Great Service with a Smile

06/19/2008 Posted by Escape2008

Tony was extremely prompt in letting me know the steps to take to get my car fixed. After an accident, I needed thousands of dollars of body work. He worked directly with my insurance company and went above and beyond. He even fixed another little dent that was not related to the accident. His warm demeanor and bright smile make him a pleasure to do business with. I think I have finally found an auto shop I can trust!

cheapest, most honest service I've ever found .

08/28/2007 Posted by caldwep

I've taken my '97 subaru to Tony twice - once for an illuminated "check engine" light (ended up being an O2 sensor) and later to repair a major oil leak and to get a check-up before a major trip. Both times he was very quick to get the work done and made a special effort to make sure I knew exactly what had been done and what I was being charged for. For the oil leak, he charged about 1/2 as much as Suburb Subaru Service had quoted me for the same work. Tony is the first mechanic I've ever found that I feel like I can trust completely. One of the biggest things I miss after moving to CA last month is a dependable mechanic. I would highly recommend this guy.

Have Your Car Winterized At Tony's One-Stop Auto

"The water in my radiator accidentally froze at 12 midnight."

Eugene M.

Seattle, WA
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
5 star rating


I walk by this place every day and never would have dreamed about taking a car in for repairs at this place; it basically looked like a chop-shop.  Even the marquee was bent and broken (which is especially ironic for the nature of the business).  However, it had enough positive word-of-mouth that I decided to try it out since it's very close.

From the moment I brought the car in, I just felt better and better about bringing it there.  Tony, the owner, is probably who you'll deal with when you come in and you couldn't ask for a warmer or nicer guy.  What should have been an easy and quick door repair job was actually more complicated than I thought.  When Tony realized this, he called me immediately and wanted me to come in and see for myself.  I assume he did this so I could 1. understand what the problem was and 2. see that I wasn't being taken for the proverbial ride.  So, he showed me what was wrong and what could and couldn't be done.  I brought the car in at 4:45pm and got the car back, even with the delay for me to return to the shop as well as the additional work, before 6:30pm the same day.  The mechanic who was finishing up on the car was even very friendly and had a nice conversation with me.  And yes, the prices were very fair.

I, like many others, am very wary and even a bit fearful of auto repair shops.  I don't know what it is about working with cars that makes you 10X more likely to be a sleaze and/or crook, but this place is worlds apart from the auto repair stereotypes.  I hope to never need a mechanic ever again, but since that's not going to happen I'm glad I found this place.

You Won't Go Thru The Roof At Tony's One Stop Auto

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
scott k.

Atlanta, GA

5 star rating


Notice all the five star reviews?
Wonder why?

Professional, fair, polite, and excellent workmanship are not concepts synonymous with car repair. They are however, synonymous with the One Stop!,

This shop deserves some accolades for remaining honest after over 15 years in business, and I'm here to dish them out!

I've had three experiences with this shop, and all three were far above satisfactory... in two cases things edged on absolutely unreal!

A ex-girlfriend had a little car accident that left her previously pristine, tan 1981 Honda Accord without a headlight and a dented side panel and bumper. After the One Stop returned the car to us, Tony the owner explained that they were unable to repair a small part of the bumper so they fabricated it from scratch! The small spots where they had placed Bond-o had been paint matched and buffed to perfection at no extra cost! I couldn't actually detect previous damage! Flawless victory!

The second time I went to One Stop was for my own 1989 Subaru station-wagon after someone raked the car in a parking lot leaving a strip of dent up one side of the vehicle. Low and behold... another singular story of absolute disbelief and pleasure! The repair left the car with no visible imperfections! Two panels repaired for less then $300!

My last experience at the good old One Stop has to be my best!  

A client of mine asked me to take in his ridiculously neglected 1986 orange Dodge Colt for repair. He was clearly dreaming against all probable odds that it could be restored. The car was less then a turd, but had incredible sentimental value.  

The "car" actually appeared to have had been melting into the street for six or seven years. Entire ecosystems had taken up residence under and inside of the vehicle. Hope was all she had, and then... just a thread of it!

After pumping up the tires, de-crusting the seats and getting stung by some rather healthy wasps that had taken up residence in the rear tail light, I drove this metal deathtrap down Phinney, smoke pouring out of it's clanking frame... onlookers sincerely looking concerned for my well-being, I started to wonder if I was walking the Green Mile?

I quickly discovered that I was!

The brakes had failed! Two lucky green lights and a mile later, and I had one chance at survival! Shifter knob coming off in my hand, I managed to down shift and emergency brake the "vehicle" to a heaving smoky pile of orange catastrophe onto the curb in front of the shop!

Tony the owner, popped his head out and looked at me as if to say, "happens all the time, I've got it from here."

And the miraculous part of my story sweet child?

Not only did he have it under control, he did it under time and on budget!

Miraculous might not be the word, but it's the only one they make that gets close!

Have Your Brakes Checked At Tony's One-Stop Auto

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
mini g.

Seattle, WA

5 star rating


Seriously excellent work here....
|I went to One Stop because it came highly recommended by a good friend.  I have zero ability to deal with car problems and am always nervous to deal with mechanics, who I'm sure have dicked around a few people in the past... and probably me ... hummm.  Anyhow Tony , the owner, couldn't have been more straight up and direct about the problems my car was having,  which were huge, and gave me probably the fairest price you could imagine ( I called around to other places to get an estimate, they  were almost double what he quoted... dealership devils) Anyhow upon arrival to pick up my ride....Tony busted out a big box of parts from my engine that he had to replace, each piece he pulled out and explained the work that was done.... very nice to see what you are paying for, to be part of the experience and at least to get some understanding of what an engine consists of :)   After this a little test drive was in order to make sure i was satisfied... and I was very much so.  I paid and we even shared a hug... i insisted as this was the end of a very long, stressful and expensive road... and he couldn't have been more helpful or understanding!  The shop isn't much to look at ... but lets remember its a garage... the focus is definitely on the work at hand.  This place is a gem!  I drove away very happy... and to top it all off I got two follow up calls to make sure everything was okay!  Tony is the man to see :) Thanks tony for being so wonderful and getting my 4 runner back on the road!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
Mikey V.

Seattle, WA

5 star rating


You might drive right by Tony's One Stop Greenwood Auto Repair it is so small.  When you do see it from the outside, you might think against taking your car there because this is as hole-in-the-wall as it gets.  It's a little dingy, but hell, it is an auto repair and body shop.

Tony is absolutely wonderful.  He still greets every customer with a bow, and every customer gets another bow on the way out too.  

You Get The Support You Need At Tony's One-Stop Auto

I had some pretty gnarly engine problems.  A Nissan dealership quoted me $1389 to replace all my ignition coils and spark plugs.  I know for a fact that the parts alone only cost $600 at dealership markup.  Tony provided a much more reasonable quote and used OEM parts!  I saved a ton of money.  Furthermore, the dealership did not catch all of my engine problems.  Tony did not charge me for the correct diagnosis, and he fixed the other problem right away at a very fair price.

Tony is wonderful, his customer service is wonderful, the work he did is wonderful (my engine is not experiencing the same misfiring problems).  He does not use intimidation and scare tactics to sell service.  Tony does a phenomenal job and lets his work speak for itself.

When you stop by Tony's and get the stink face because of appearances, get over it.  Tony will take care of you, and he will not rip you off.

We Can Fit You In Our Tight Schedule
at Tony's One-Stop Auto

A Rare Honest Treat
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

Shay W.
Seattle, WA
5 star rating


This place is also known as Tony's One-Stop Greenwood Auto Repair, and from the outside, doesn't look like much. However, if you are looking for an honest mechanic who won't take you for a ride, give Tony a call.

I went in originally because some jackass ran into the fender of our car, leaving a nice dent in the otherwise-perfect body without leaving a phone number. Not really wanting to have a dent in our car, I went in to Tony's to get an estimate on getting it fixed.

While I was waiting for Tony to check out the damage, I read through the three-ring binder he's compiled with love letters and happy thank-you cards from his customers. People love this guy! And with good reason--he's hard-working, inexpensive, and always bows when he greets you. (I'm not sure if that's a cultural thing--he's from Korea, but it's still a nice way to be greeted.) The estimate for the auto body repair is still a bit high for me to *actually* want the dent repaired right now, but I was so impressed with Tony that I stopped going to the VW dealer for oil changes and service and had Tony's shop do our last oil change. Instead of almost $75 from Carter VW, it was a whopping $45 for an oil change and air filter change, and I know it was done right.

Auto repair to me is one of those things I don't want to think about, but I want it to be good. I think I've found a mechanic that works for me for a while, and I hope others find Tony to be as pleasant, as well.

Three of my neighbors all suggested Tony when I needed some work shortly after moving to Greenwood. I am SO glad that they did. I was expecting to have to replace my entire exhaust system, turns...

I used the earlier reviews and chose this place, and I'm not sorry. Tony is passionate about honesty and quality, as well as about avoiding after-market parts (which he considers junk). He also...

About two years ago,a friend advised me to take my car to Tony's and I have been going there ever since. He is kind, knowledgeable and I always feel I am getting an honest deal. Since then, I have...

Tony's Greenwood Auto (and Auto Body) is an excellent place to take your car. Tony is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. Women: you don't have to be afraid of being overcharged here!...

No Surprises At Tony's One-Stop Auto

Three of my neighbors all suggested Tony when I needed some work shortly after moving to Greenwood. I am SO glad that they did. I was expecting to have to replace my entire exhaust system, turns...
Published by inanna d.


I used the earlier reviews and chose this place, and I'm not sorry. Tony is passionate about honesty and quality, as well as about avoiding after-market parts (which he considers junk). He also...
Published by Anita A.
About two years ago,a friend advised me to take my car to Tony's and I have been going there ever since. He is kind, knowledgeable and I always feel I am getting an honest deal. Since then, I have...
Published by Kathleen B.

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